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Liquidating a big amount of information center / IT equipment / servers, etc

. We have recently obtained a lot of data center equipment from a high profile business, who constantly kept their devices in great, running order. It was all working from till the time it was pulled.

If you want anybody of the products noted, kindly message me and we can discuss things. Costs are negotiable / taking offers.

Plasmon G164 Jukebox / Library
- 4 UDO Drives

Plasmon G238.07.
- 6 USD Drives.

McData Fabricenter: FC-512-2.
- IBM System X3650.
- IBM Total Storage SAN140M.
- 2 IBM 2027 140.

Sun Microsystems: Model 10.
- Netra t1 105.
- Sun Enterprise 220R x 2.
- Sun StorEdge D1000.

IBM Server Rack w /.
- IBM Blade Center x 4 w / Blade Servers (HS20).
- 1223 HC1.
IBM Server Rack w /.
- IBM MT/MD 4560 SLX.
- Total Storage EXP 700 x 4.
- Total Storage DS 4400.
- IBM Blade Center.

Compaq Server Rack w /.
- 9 Racks of Hard Drive Storage Sleeves.

None of the serves or jukeboxes have disk drives in them.

Once again upon removal from the information center, all items were thouroughly maintained and in appropriate working order. When removed, the hard disks were gotten to avoid data from being taken.

All the devices power on. We have no means of testing the devices. They will certainly be offered in as is condition. There is no need to think why they wouldnt all work, however without personally testing them, we can not assure anything. To state, they were all working prior to being pulled.

Please message me and we can go over things further if you are interestd in one or numerous items provided above. All costs are negotiable, better discounts for the more you buy!

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